How to make your classrooms more attractive and useful?

Lesson Plan

  • Explain the philosophy, importance, necessity and applications of the lesson to students.

Educational content

  • Use happy colors, images and shapes in the design of slides

Holding and managing classes

  • Have an Ice Breaking or Warm-up in the first session. To do this, you can start the class with a joke, humor, short story, poem, etc.

Art of expression and presentation

  • Change the tone of voice during class.

Involve students

  • Teaching methods, topics and exams should be done by surveying students, of course, by providing specific and limited options

Educational evaluation

  • Specify how to evaluate the course at the beginning of the semester and inform the students.

Communication and interaction with students

  • Introduce yourself in the first session and express the expectations and behavioral and moral codes of the professor from the student and vice versa.

Impact on students

  • Try to identify and flourish the talents of students.

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