What makes my life meaningful? A fundamental question

What makes my life meaningful? What should I do in my life? What is the main aim of my life? What makes me happy in my life? What is the philosophy of my life? What is the most important thing in my life? What makes my life worth living? These are some questions you may ask yourself in your life. These questions are considered as fundamental questions. This essay has targeted these questions.
In the first part, the issue is being addressed that what makes these questions significant? One of the reason is that answering these fundamental questions, direct our life. For example, if we answer the question What makes my life meaningful? We will understand what we should do in our life. In other words, if we find why, we will find how. Those who do not ask themselves this question, they are wandering in their life. They do not know what to do and what not to do. They constantly flock to that branch and continuously change their job. These people are not satisfied and happy with their life. Because they do not know what makes them happy and satisfy.
How people answer these fundamental questions is the subject of the second part. Philosophers were the main people who have been endeavoring to answer these questions by introducing a philosophical system. Philosophers’ answers to these questions are numerous and varied. Everybody can answer these questions by means of Introspection and self-thinking. Somebody may answer being rich make her life meaningful. Others may answer being an influencer person make them satisfy. Other people may tell that what makes her life meaningful is serving others, while another person may tell that raising his children to make his life meaningful. Another answer is inspiring others with great works of art or literature. Other answers are family, friends, work, music, faith and etc.
Finally, when people think of how they would answer the question, the following answers come to mind:
- Creating new Writing, drawing, painting, playing music, inventing something, establishing a business, forming a non-profit organization.
- Relationship with their friends, lovers, business partners, students, and everyone else.
- Helping other people and making their life easier.
- Achieving goals and reaching what they want in their life.
- Growing, Learning new things, improving their knowledge and ability.
In conclusion, some people seem to spend their whole life dissatisfied, in search of a meaning. We should answer the fundamental questions if we want our life to be meaningful. If we want to be satisfied and happy in our life, we should answer these questions. If we want to know what we should do, we should answer these questions.

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