Which of the various data mining and machine learning software should we choose?

Mostafa Jahangir
3 min readAug 8, 2021

Data mining, data science, and machine learning have expanded over the years. One of your concerns may be which of the various tools and software in this area to choose. In this field, like other parts of computer science, you must have encountered a large number of software and tools that have made it difficult for you to choose the right tool. In this note, I try to share my experiences and opinions in this field with you.

There are several software in this field, but the four main software in this field are: Rapid Miner, Orange, KNIME and SPSS Modeler. In all of these software, by putting together nodes or operators or widgets, you can process or stream data mining from the data collection stage, clear data, model Perform modeling and evaluation.

In terms of free access to the full version

Of the four software, KNIME and Orange are free, but Rapid Miner and SPSS Modeler are paid. Of course, Rapid Miner software has a free version in which you can enter up to 10,000 rows of data in each data mining process, while in the free version Auto Model and Turbo prep are not active. SPSS Modeler software also has a free 30-day version. It is difficult to find the license and crack the full version of both Rapid Miner and SPSS Modeler software. For example, for SPSS Modeler, the latest version that can be downloaded with crack is version 18, while the latest version of this software is 18.2.1. There is also a license for Rapid Miner for versions 7 and 8, but the latest version of this software is 9.6. Due to the hassle of free versions of these paid software, KNIME and Orange software are recommended in this regard.

In terms of facilities

Of the four software, the features of KNIME, Rapid Miner and SPSS Modeler are very similar, and almost everything that can be done in each of these three software can be done in the other two software. Orange software features less than others.

In terms of ease of use

Working with Orange is easier and more convenient than the other three applications. Orange has a very attractive, beautiful and comfortable user interface. After Orange, working with Rapid Miner is easier, followed by KNIME and finally SPSS Modeler.

In terms of educational resources

There are very rich and complete educational resources including video, text and examples for KNIME. Rapid Miner and SPSS Modeler are also rich in post-KNIME training resources. But the educational resources for Orange are more limited and less than the rest.


The type of use you will have affects the choice of software. If you want to start learning the machine and your main priority is ease of use, Orange software is recommended. But if the features and completeness and variety of nodes and algorithms are important to you, KNIME software is recommended due to the fact that it is free and does not have the hassle of paid versions and rich educational resources. Of the other two software, SPSS Modeler is recommended if you are comfortable working with the SPSS Statistics software and you like its environment, otherwise the Rapid Miner option is more appropriate.