Who is the field of health information technology suitable for?

Mostafa Jahangir
3 min readAug 8, 2021

I remember a few years ago I heard a speech by Dr. Ali Akbar Jalali, who was one of the first people to introduce information technology in Iran, who said that information technology is advancing so much that all disciplines should have the extension of information technology with them. Have. He himself cited the examples of chemistry and information technology, mathematics and information technology, and literature and information technology. This statement of Dr. Jalali is gradually coming true. We see that interdisciplinary disciplines with a focus on information technology are taking shape.

One of these new and exciting disciplines is health information technology. It is true that this field is new, but it has a history in another field, and that is medical records, whose task was to codify diseases and organize medical records and records. With the growth of software systems, paper files are almost eliminated. So medical records no longer make sense. Either the name of the field should be electronic medical records or it should be fundamentally changed and it should be health information technology, which is what happened.

So now let’s see for whom this field is suitable? This field is taught in medical universities. Therefore, to enter this field, you must participate in the entrance exam for experimental sciences. But most of the experimental entrance exam candidates love medicine, dentistry and pharmacy and such fields, and there are few people whose priority is health information technology. In any case, a number of bad or good accidents enter this field. Many people who are not a priority in this field, gradually become interested in it when they see the beauties and dynamics of this field.

Of course, there are people who are interested in information technology and computer fields from high school, but most of these people enter the mathematics entrance exam and choose the field of computer engineering through it. These people do not have the opportunity to get acquainted with the field of health information technology. While this field is more attractive than the computer field and is more practical and provides more opportunities for the individual. Because it is an interdisciplinary field and it acquaints itself with purely computer topics as well as its application in medicine.

OK. You may ask what topics are taught in this field? The topics of this course can be divided into several sections:

Pure computer courses: such as programming, data structure, databases, networking, security, operating system, etc.
Medical courses: such as anatomy, physiology, pathogens, pathology, etc.
Medical records courses: such as disease coding, mortality coding, medical terminology, etc.
Health information technology courses: such as medical informatics, health information management, electronic health records, health information technology, application of health information technology in crisis, etc.
Management courses: such as management principles, personal management in the workplace, technology management in the field of health, management of health information technology and …
Statistical courses: such as descriptive vital statistics, inferential vital statistics, epidemiology, health indicators, etc.
As you can see, this course contains a variety of topics from different disciplines.

Regarding the job opportunities in this field, the following can be mentioned:

Work in the hospital in the field of health information technology and medical records
Work in knowledge-based companies producing medical and health software, systems and applications as a consultant, programmer or system analyst
Entrepreneurship and starting a business in the field of medical information technology and health
Working as a freelancer in the fields of programming, graphics, data analysis, animation, etc. in the field of health
Given that we are witnessing the increasing development of information technology in all fields, this field has a good future and job opportunities are increasing day by day. Even a number of students in this field who have learned the necessary skills well find a job while studying, some of whom have good incomes.