Lesson Plan

  • Identify the cognitive and behavioral goals of each subject.

Educational content

  • Summarize the slides and just put the keywords in the slides.
  • In the slides, use the image more…

There are several customer categories:

Delighted customers: Usually actively praise the organization and its products to others.
Satisfied customers: Usually do not start to praise the organization, but if asked, they are satisfied with the organization’s products.
Indifferent customers
Dissatisfied customers: Contrary to satisfied customers
Angry Customers: Contrary to satisfied customers

Customer satisfaction should be…

Data mining, data science, and machine learning have expanded over the years. One of your concerns may be which of the various tools and software in this area to choose. In this field, like other parts of computer science, you must have encountered a large number of software and tools…

I remember a few years ago I heard a speech by Dr. Ali Akbar Jalali, who was one of the first people to introduce information technology in Iran, who said that information technology is advancing so much that all disciplines should have the extension of information technology with them. Have…

What makes my life meaningful? A fundamental question

What makes my life meaningful? What should I do in my life? What is the main aim of my life? What makes me happy in my life? What is the philosophy of my life? What is the most important thing in my…

Mostafa Jahangir

Content Writer

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